GpsDump for 64-bit Mac

This is a command line executable. After downloading the file you might have to change it to an executable (chmod). You also have to allow it to run (System Preferences / Security).

Download track logs from Brauniger/Flytec, IQ Basic, Digifly Air, MLR, Flymaster, Syride, Ascent and XC Trainer.

Download/upload waypoints from/to Brauniger/Flytec and Flymaster.

Recipe for novice users

Download the file (e.g. click on GpsDump.1.09). The file GpsDumpMac64.1.09 will be downloaded to the Downloads folder.

Open a terminal window. Go to the Downloads folder ("cd ~/Downloads"). You might want to copy the file to a more suitable folder. Make the file GpsDumpMac64.1.09 executable ("chmod u+x GpsDumpMac64.1.09").

Start System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General. Look for "GpsDumpMac64.1.09 was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer". Open the lock. Click on "Allow Anyway". Close the lock.

In the terminal window execute "./GpsDumpMac64.1.09". A pop up window with a warning is showed. Click "Open". GpsDump should now have printed a menu in the terminal window.

You only do the above when you download GpsDump.

To convert an igc-file to a kml-file execute "./GpsDumpMac64.1.09 -x'file name without extension'". GpsDump will store the resulting file in the same folder. If the igc-file is located on an instrument it might be best to copy it to a local folder first and then convert.

Downloading tracks: Connect your instrument to your Mac. Execute "ls -al /dev/cu.*" in the terminal window. You should see a list of devices, one of them is your instrument. When I connect my Flymaster the device /dev/cu.usbmodem0000001 is listed. Take a note of the text after "/dev/", in my case "usbmodem0000001".

The basic command for downloading a track from a Flymaster (new models) is then "./GpsDumpMac64.1.09 -gyn -cu.usbmodem0000001 -l"

The name of the interface port will in most cases be the same if you connect your instrument to the same USB interface each time.


  • libusb library file (libusb-1.0.0.dylib).
  • or
  • libusb OSX installer (
  • Latest version

    Version 1.15 (GpsDump.1.15).

    Previous version

    Version 1.14 (GpsDump.1.14).

    Version 1.13 (GpsDump.1.13).

    Version 1.12 (GpsDump.1.12).

    Version 1.11 (GpsDump.1.11).

    Version 1.10 (GpsDump.1.10).

    Version 1.09 (GpsDump.1.09).

    Version 1.06 (GpsDump.1.06).

    Version 1.05 (GpsDump.1.05).

    Version 1.03 (GpsDump.1.03).

    Version 1.01 (exe).