This is the program to be used for the international flightlog and the Norwegian xc-league.

Download track logs from many Garmin models, MLR, CoMo, Log_It/MuzzyLoggeR/GPS Tracklogger, Top Navigator / XC Trainer, Brauniger/Flytec models, Digifly Graviter, Digifly Leonardo, CPilot, Flymaster F1, DSX series, MTK/Pentagram, Ascent and Syride SYS'Nav. Magellan models are also supported (SporTrack), but I have not received much feedback on which models that works.

Upload/download waypoints to/from Garmin models, MLR, Brauniger/Flytec models, Top Navigator / XC Trainer, Flymaster and Syride SYS'Nav.


Latest version

Version 4.92 (exe) (zip).

Previous versions:

Version 4.91 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.90 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.89 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.88 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.87 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.86 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.85 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.84 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.83 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.81 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.80 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.79 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.78 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.77 (exe) (zip).

Version 4.76

Version 4.75

Version 4.74

Version 4.73

Version 4.72

Version 4.71

Version 4.70

Version 4.68

Version 4.67

Version 4.66

Version 4.65

Version 4.64

Version 4.63

Version 4.62

Version 4.61

Version 4.60

Version 4.58

Version 4.57

Version 4.56

Version 4.55

Version 4.54

Version 4.53

Version 4.52

Version 4.51

Version 4.50

Version 4.49

Version 4.48

Version 4.47

Version 4.46

Version 4.45

Version 4.43

Version 4.42

Version 4.41

Version 4.40

Version 4.39

Version 4.38

Version 4.37

Version 4.36

Version 4.35

Version 4.34

Version 4.33

Version 4.32

Version 4.31

Version 4.30

Version 4.29

Version 4.28

Version 4.27

Version 4.26

Version 4.25

Version 4.24 saving a track log in competition mode.

Version 4.23

Version 4.22

Version 4.21

Version 4.20

Version 4.19

Version 4.17

Version 4.16

Version 4.15

Version 4.14

Version 4.13

Version 4.12

Version 4.11

Version 4.10

Version 4.09

Version 4.08

Version 4.07

Version 4.06

Version 4.05

Version 4.04

Version 4.03

Version 3.77

Version 3.76

Version 3.75

Version 3.74

Version 3.73

Version 3.72

Version 3.70

Version 3.69

Version 3.68

Version 3.67

Version 3.66

Version 3.65

Version 3.64

Version 3.63

Version 3.62

Version 3.61

Version 3.60

Version 3.59

Version 3.58

Version 3.57

Version 3.56

Version 3.55

Version 3.54

Version 3.53

Version 3.52

Version 3.51

Version 3.50

Version 3.49

Version 3.48

Version 3.47 New Log_It compatible device "GPS Tracklogger" included.

Version 3.46 Dumping logs read from TN included. Downloading track logs from Magellan Meridian (9600 bauds). Other models/commands have not been tested.

Version 3.45 MuzzyLoggeR included (same commands as Log_It). Downloading track logs from Magellan Meridian seems to work (4800 bauds). Other models/commands have not been tested.

Version 3.44 Downloading track logs from Magellan Meridian seems to work. Other models/commands have not been tested.

Version 3.43 Fix for IQ-Compeo version 2.13. When selecting a COM port the list shows all installed ports (by reading the registry), not just the free ones. Extension for waypoint files using the Ozi format changed to .wpt.

Version 3.41 Bug in erasing Log_It tracks fixed. A new algorithm for finding the maximum distance between two track positions is implemented.

Version 3.40 includes a more suitable waypoint symbol for Garmin GPSmap 76S.

Version 3.39 includes fixes for USB-to-serialport converters.

Version 3.38 includes the option to copy flight statistics to the clipboard.

Version 3.37 includes statistics for a selected flight. One of the items is the maximum distance between any two points in the track. The position of the points is also displayed. These are inputs to the international flightlog when logging a free distance flight.

Version 3.35 allows gaps when saving a log to a file. Individual points may thus be omitted. Use the Ctrl and Shift buttons when (de)selecting the points.

Version 3.34 includes reading logs from Digifly Graviter. Height is added to waypoints (useful for Galileo and some Garmin models).

Version 3.33 includes reading Ozi Explorer track log files. Bugs have been removed (uploading waypoints to newer Garmin models, downloading Galileo user name).

Version 3.31 supports the Galileo from Brauniger. Set the instrument to the flight analysis mode (Main setup menu -> Flightmenory -> Select flight and press Enter) before starting the track log download (shortcut Ctrl+E). The Galileo outputs the log using the IGC format. This log can be stored unmodified by executing 'File -> Write IGC log from GPS'. Uploading waypoints at full speed is not supported (by the Galileo ?), a delay of 0.3 seconds is inserted between each waypoint.

Version 3.29 includes speed (km/h) the last 60 seconds, workaround for mystery Garmin data packet.

Version 3.28 includes waypoint file format using geographical units (DD mm ss).

Version 3.27 handles track logs from the Top Navigator. 'SeeYou' waypoint file format is included.

Version 3.24 handles waypoint upload/download to/from an MLR.

Version 3.23 includes IGC file generation/verification.

Version 3.21 includes Ozi waypoint format, ctrl-a to select all items in a list, newest waypoint format from Garmin.

Version 3.20 includes more COM ports, coordinate type selection.

Version 3.19 includes shortcuts.